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High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP)
Professional Spray Equipment from ABAC
A technology with many advantages. 

Professional Spray Equipment from ABAC,
It is High performance, technically advanced products.
A wide product range with innovative system solution backed up first class service.
Over 50years of experience make ABAC a leader in the field of product performance, quality and reliability.

From 1972, M.O.SPRAYING Inc. started to introduce HVLP spraying system for Asia market. and we improvement many items for Asia with ABAC.
So now, ABAC HVLP spraying system can spray many kind of paint, liquid and photo catalytic material.
In Japan, many spraying companies choose our HVLP spraying system for good finishing and environment problem.

In our product an services guarantees satisfaction for all our users in trade and industry.
We offer practical solution to everyday jobs to ensure efficient, economical working and better results.

Details, The volume of air can be continuously controlled, allowing all kinds of material to be sprayed with optimal flow an with a distinctive surface finish as you want.

Precessional ABAC Spraying machines are used in a great variety,
for photo-catalytic coating, car repair, body shops, painter, joiners, metalworker, etc...